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PROJECT 1   (Jan 2013)

Water is a problem in many parts of Africa, but in Uganda they receive a lot of rain in the rainy seasons. It became apparent that the answer to the water shortage was rainwater harvesting. All we needed to do was contain enough water for a long dry spell. 

PROJECT 3    (Mar 2013)


​This was the old kitchen which was taken down and the home had been forced into using the hut (right) to cook in.

So the home had no kitchen and it became a priority to build one. After making the ISSB bricks we started work on the new kitchen.

PROJECT 5    (Feb 2014)


This is the old washroom.

These are the new girls and boys washrooms, made using ISSB bricks

 PROJECT 7  ( Feb 2015)

This is being called the facilitation room, it had a leaking roof, rough brick walls and a mud floor. It now has lights and sockets for electrical equipment, The children can learn about sewing, woodowork and all about laptops with more things coming soon.  It is also a good place for them to do their homework.

PROJECT 2   (Feb 2013)

Here are the older boys at the home making Interlocking, Stabilising, Soil, Blocks, ISSB.

The bricks are eco friendly and very economical to build with. Click below to see a short film about how we made them. 

PROJECT 4    (Feb 2014)

This was the old hut. It had rats in the roof,  flooded every time it rained,  had been used as a kitchen and was black inside from the open fire used for cooking. Here is a short film showing how we built the new hut.

PROJECT 6     (On-going)

​                                                                               2014

Being near the equator means Uganda is a good place for solar energy. It gets dark at 7pm everyday and light at 7am which means they are a long time without light.So solar is important.This is our latest project. We sent outdoor solar security lights which have light and motion sensors. We have now wired the rooms, installed a solar panels and for the first time every room has a light.


 This is now how the home looks at night. Solar has transformed their home.One of the boys modified the security lights and they work off the main battery. All the rooms have working lights and an inverter means they can charge phones and use their new laptop. 

PROJECT 8 (Jan 2015)

The cow sheds built in 2012 for the biogas was not in a good state, finances at the time meant we made it with eucolyptus poles and we needed a new one. This time we made permanent concrete columns and we bought a new cow.  

Here is a link to a short film about the 2015 trip.

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